CoverMed® Division specializes in the development and supply of components for sterilization of packages and packaging of medical instruments. Our company has a significant experience in working with leading Russian manufacturers of medical devices and packaging. We are distinguished by advanced quality products, flexible, customer-oriented approach and cooperation with leading international partners.

The basis of high quality sterile packaging in most cases is the Tyvek® material manufactured by DuPont.

For more than 40 years Tyvek® helps to protect health of millions of patients worldwide, enabling medical devices to stay sterile after sterilization.

As a recognized quality standard in the field of health Tyvek® is used in virtually every form of sterile medical packaging and a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging materials such as sterile and non-sterile. Articles of Tyvek® material for medical and pharmaceutical applications are manufactured according to strict quality standards to meet the unique requirements of regulated industries.

Tyvek® packaging for the medical and pharmaceutical industry is characterized by high durability and compatibility with a wide range of sterilization methods. Furthermore, it provides the highest properties among microbial breathable sterile barrier packaging materials.


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