«CoverRus» together with the international company Dupont has started promotion of Tyvek® material on the territory of Russia.

Tyvek® is a non-woven fabric produced from ultra-thin filaments of high density polyethylene. This is the best combination of characteristics of the paper, film and cloth in one material.

Features: very lightweight, durable, water resistant, resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. Technical characteristics of Tyvek® allow it to be used when other materials are not suitable: extra strong bags, tags, labels, instructions, road maps, kites, posters, banners, and more.

We represent a wide range of densities from 42.5 g / m². up to 105 g / m².

When the image must pass the test of time, print on Tyvek®.




Initially, a sheet is formed by molding of very thin continuous beams interconnected fibers which are then joined by heat and pressure. The result is a brilliant white sheet obtained by spunbond. In the production process speed stacking and binding conditions may change, resulting materials are obtained, oriented to various applications. For example, soft structure grade (which is a sheet material with point connections with embossed relief) is made for use in the textile industry, and Tyvek® with a rigid structure (nonoriented is a rigid substrate such as paper with ties throughout the area, having good printability properties as a sheet, and into a roll form) can replace the traditional paper, especially in the manufacture and printing of envelopes.




Tyvek® is presented in a wide range of formats, styles and weights. Supplied in rolls or sheets.


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Свойства TYVEK® Способы печати Способы обработки
- Влагонепроницаемость
- Прочность и долговечность
- Паропроницаемость
- Непрозрачен
- Небольшой вес
- Не выделяет волокнистого ворса
- Высокая стойкость к многократным изгибам
- Стабильность размеров
- Стойкость к механическим
- Химическая и УФ стойкость
- Гладкая поверхность
- офсетная печать
- флексография
- глубокая печать
- шелкография
- печать с помощью термопереноса
- струйная/уф-струйная печать
- цифровая печать

Лазерная печать и фотокопирование
не подходят для печати на Tyvek®
- вырубка
- высечка
- фальцовка
- перфорирование
- тиснение
- ламинирование
- термосварка
- индукционная сварка
- сверхзвуковая сварка
- склеивание
- сшивание